Product Review: Mikasa Beauty Brushes

I decided to shop around for some new makeup brushes brands and I stumbled upon Mikasa Beauty.


I decided to shop around for some new makeup brushes brands and I stumbled upon Mikasa beauty. I’ve been using these brushes almost everyday for a month now and thought I would share with you guys my honest opinions about them. Now, Mikasa beauty has a huge selection of brushes so I didn’t get a chance to try all of them. So, I’m just going to focus on a few brushes which I normally have trouble finding a good one. Lets begin!

For starters, I am absolutely obsessed with the L100 retractable lip brush! I always use multiple lip products (liner + lipstick + gloss) on a daily basis and often use a clear gloss to blend the different products in. Other lip brushes I’ve used before normally have too small of a wand to make an easier mix of lip products. But this is the perfect size and the bristles are so soft and easy to clean! Did I mention it’s retractable?! Which makes it so easy to carry around in my purse when doing touch ups throughout the day.

Another brush I tried is the E310 crease brush. Initially, I was expecting a more fluffy crease brush because that is what I normally use for my everyday eye looks. This brush, however, is more tapered which is perfect for really defining/cutting out your crease. For me personally, this is not the brush I use all the time. But on days/nights where I want to play around with more eyeshadows, this is definitely my go-to crease brush!

I love how the E400 brow brush is double-sided with spooly brush on the other end! Whenever I do my brows I constantly go back and forth brushing it out and then filling them in, so this makes it super convenient to do that back and forth. I also use the angled eye brow brush as a liner brush too! It makes a cat eye liner super easy to do!

Last but not least, the E220 concealer brush! I love that this concealer brush is a bit thicker than the concealer brushes that I’m use to because it makes the concealer application super smooth and you don’t get those line streaks. However, I often feel that blending the concealer always takes longer when working with a concealer brush like this one. So, I tend to use this just for application and then blend it out using a beauty blender or a wet beauty sponge.

I also got the leather brush case to keep all of my goodies safe! I love the black leather finish which makes it super sturdy. The easy snap attachment also keeps the case from coming off, which is perfect to put in my huge makeup case which I lug around on jobs.

Last but not least, I also tried the new lemon drop sponge from Mikasa beauty. This is an absolute game changer! Though the beauty blender does its job, I find it so hard to keep it clean and it has an extremely short shelf life. I have to buy a new beauty blender once ever couple of months. For $20 bucks worth of one little sponge that’s a bit disappointing. This lemon drop sponge is only $11 and I use this far more than my beauty blender. The quality is much thicker than the beauty blender which makes it more sturdy and is also very easy to clean.

Granted, I’ve only been using this for a month so we’ll see how long this will last me. But so far this is my favorite beauty sponge! Perhaps I’ll make a review of the different beauty sponges out there . . . let me know what you all think!

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Thanks loves! ❤